Privacy Statement and GDPR Compliance

for the Mobile Application Encrateia

The encrateia Website is a standalone application. That means, that all data is stored locally in a database on your mobile device.

That also means, when you uninstall the application all data on the device is deleted and cannot be recreated.

From now on we use Strava in short for the company Strava Inc and their web services. We have no affiliation to Strava whatsoever.

Is there data leaving the device?

The only data, that leaves the device are the Strava credentials. They are sent, whenever you press the [Download from Strava]-Button:

  • to the Strava API to first of all get a token from strava, to be able to get information, which activities you have done
  • to log in to the Strava web site, to be able to download the .fit-files for your activities

Is there a way to use the app without a Strava account?

Not yet, you can though create a dummy Strava account with no activities at all and later on import all the activities by copying the corresponding .fit-files in the apps documents directory. You have found the right direcory, when you see a text file put_your_fit_files_here.txt in that directory.

Communication with me

If you get in touch with my via email, the data you provided is stored, so that I am able to process your request. It stays in persistant storage for another 6 months, so that I am able to respond to follow up questions on the issue. This data is not handed over to third parties.


No data is logged outside your device.

Your Rights

You have the basic rights to getting disclosure, correction, deletion, cutback, transferral, withdrawel, and objection. If you believe, that processing of your data is violating data privacy laws or your data privacy rights have been violated in any way, you can file a complaint at the surveillance authority. For Austria, this is Datenschutzbehörde.


You can contact me:

Mag Stefan Haslinger
Informatom EDV-Dienstleistungen
Vorgartenstrasse 145/2/3
1020 Wien, Austria

+43 680 213 3030